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For many, compliance is a red rag, a bottomless pit, or the whole thing is simply ignored. Compliance can be understood as adhering to rules and guidelines. It has no clear framework, no exact beginning and no clear boundaries.

Eines ist jedoch sicher: was früher noch schlicht zum guten Ton gehörte oder als best practice manchmal eingehalten wurde, wird jetzt nach und nach zur Verpflichtung. Gesetzgeber und Organisationen definieren immer neue Rechtssätze und fassen das, was früher noch als soft law galt, in durchsetzbares Recht ab. Fristen und Sanktionen drohen und Geldstrafen sind teilweise drakonisch hoch.

lexato helps you!
Smart Compliance

lexato develops web-based compliance solutions for all areas of business life and organizations.

Our goal is to create a simple and legally secure concept for each area of ​​compliance. lexato develops software-based solutions that help you to easily implement legal requirements.

Legal certainty
Processes & workflows

Cross-industry innovation means transferring approaches from other industries and areas to the new task and thus creating something new, while at the same time using known procedures and digitizing analog processes. Each new solution becomes an additional part of your organization's strategic compliance toolbox. Since many processes in the compliance area are hardly imaginable without a digital solution or even legally binding workflows and documentation are prescribed, the idea for lexato was born.


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Connection & compliance

Of course, all of our solutions are state-of-the-art. We host data in secure data centers in Germany and meet the standards that are common in this country. We work in accordance with the GDPR and are constantly developing our security standards.
We are also happy to help connect our solutions to your existing systems and advise you on data protection, law and IT security. We work with strong partners from these related areas and can therefore support you quickly and comprehensively on the way to your individual solution.

State of the art
Usability & customer service

Our customers work with us because our solutions are simply structured and easy to use. They can be adapted to the individual needs of the customer. Our solutions are developed by practitioners from their daily work. We understand the needs of compliance officers and speak a clear language. Our solutions are developed in Germany, but can be used internationally. Our team is constantly thinking outside the box and processing compliance approaches from abroad. Our service team works with international users on a daily basis.

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The heads behind it

Competence from many areas

Our team of experts consists of the areas of law, IT security, sales, marketing and software development.

Stefan Kunz
Managing lawyer CEM

As in-house counsel, Stefan leads the legal and compliance department in an international company. For more than 14 years he gained experience in several multinational corporations at home and abroad, which today flow as ideas into our products. His intercultural competence and multilingualism enriches development and product usability.

Patrick Weisbecker
Software Development & Co-Founder

Patrick Weisbecker has been designing and developing cross-sector, web-based software solutions for more than 25 years. Everything follows one goal: to always take sustainability into account as a self-evident principle in developments and to integrate people into all digital processes.

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